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L2 Lineage 2 Talking Island Village Quests

There are 17 Talking Island Village Quests in our database

Most Recently Added Talking Island Village Quests
  • Crystals of Fire and Ice
    Races: ALL Classes: ALL Level: 17 Reward: 60 Adena Repeatable
    Description: Trader Katerina deals jewels as a subsidiary business. She asks you to head to the Elven Ruins to get soul ore shards, which were used by the ancient Elven mages. As you have been told, you shall find...
  • Collect Arrowheads
    Races: ALL Classes: ALL Level: 10 XP: 1,200 Reward: 1,000 Adena Repeatable
    Description: Master Minia of the Fighters Guild loves to collect odd weapons from each race. Recently she has found interest in Lennon Orc weapons, and asks you to retrieve their marksmans' arrowheads in the Elven...
  • Rancher's Plea
    Races: ALL Classes: ALL Level: 15 Reward: 25 Adena Repeatable
    Description: Edmond plans on establishing a ranch on Talking Island along with his friend Marius, but is having trouble as giant spiders keep devouring his flock. Edmond promises to reward the player for every spi...
  • Bring Wolf Pelts
    Races: ALL Classes: ALL Level: 3 Reward: 50 Adena Repeatable
    Description: Sir Windawood asks Trader Lector to create leather equipment for the militia. Lector has great skills as a tailor, but he is short of materials. He asks you to collect forty wolf pelts....
  • The Guard is Busy
    Races: ALL Classes: ALL Level: 6 Reward: 5 Adena Repeatable
    Description: The Lord's plan to move the people of Gludio to Talking Island has been announced. In order to make the island a safe place to live, you must eliminate the orcs and the werewolves. Those who defeat th...
  • Mystic's Tutorial
    Races: HMN Classes: MAGE Level: 1
    Items: World Map
    Description: Combat training by the Sorcerer. Hunt bearded keltirs and return four keltir fangs to the Sorcerer.
  • Fighter's Tutorial
    Races: HMN Classes: FIGHTER Level: 1
    Items: World Map
    Description: Combat training by the Master. Hunt bearded keltirs and return four keltir fangs to the Master.
  • Seed of Evil
    Races: ALL Classes: ALL Level: 21 Reward: 6,000 Adena
    Items: Sickle
    Description: High Priest Biotin of the temple has received a revelation of god from his dreams. A few days later in his dreams, he finds out that a seed of evil is growing in the Elven Ruins. He asks you to elimin...
  • Recover Smuggled Goods
    Races: ALL Classes: ALL Level: 5 Reward: 1,500 Adena
    Description: Warehouse Keeper Wilfred has been smuggling with Grecia, where trading broke off after the war. But recently, a merchant ship was stranded spilling adamantite ore all over the shore. He has recovered ...
  • Millennium Love
    Races: ALL Classes: ALL Level: 15 XP: 3,600
    Items: Potion of Alacrity
    Description: In the temple of Talking Island the Elf, Rylin, has lived over a thousand years since she lost her lover, Theon, in the war against Beleth. Because she has not found his body, she still believes he is...
  • Find Sir Windawood
    Races: ALL Classes: ALL Level: 3 Reward: 100 Adena
    Items: Healing Potion
    Description: Guard Abellos tells that an urgent message to Sir Collin Windawood, the Consul of Talking Island, has arrived from Gludio Castle. He asks you to send the message to Sir Collin Windawood....
  • Sacrifice to the Sea
    Races: ALL Classes: ALL Level: 2 XP: 1,100 Reward: 400 Adena
    Description: Lighthouse Keeper Rockswell blames the recent storms on not making any offerings to the goddess Shilen. He decides to hold a secret ceremony, where he needs a maiden doll as an alternate for a live of...
  • Deliver Goods
    Races: ALL Classes: ALL Level: 2 Reward: 600 Adena
    Items: Lesser Healing Potion
    Description: A few days ago merchant ships were shipwrecked by a storm. Guard Arnold, who works for the recovery project, asks you to deliver some recovered goods....
  • Shards of Golem
    Races: ALL Classes: ALL Level: 10 XP: 5,000
    Items: Cotton Tunic
    Description: A few days ago, the roof of the temple was wrecked by a storm. Sorcerer Harris of the temple has asked Blacksmith Allman for new tools to repair the roof. He asks you to retrieve them on his behalf....
  • Save My Sister
    Races: ALL Classes: ALL Level: 15
    Items: Haste Potion
    Description: Elias, a Master at the School of Wizardry, has been to the northern woods with some students to gather herbs. But the students have caught a fever, and Priest Yohanes has been requested to create a re...
  • Spirit of Mirrors
    Races: HMN Classes: ALL Level: 10
    Items: Wand of Adept
    Description: Grand Sorcerer Gallint of Einhovant's School of Wizardry is researching on the spirit of mirrors. But, a few days ago thre of the spirits escaped, and you must recapture them....
  • Sword of Solidarity
    Races: HMN Classes: ALL Level: 9
    Items: Sword of Solidarity
    Description: Grandmaster Roien of Cedric's Training Hall is interested in restoring the Sword of Solidarity, which is the symbol of friendship between the Elves and Humans. He asks you to meet Allman, the Town's B...

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