L2 Lineage 2 Orc Fighter

Orc Fighters are big brutes who pack a big punch. They have a lot of strength and power. Their disadvantages is their speed which is lower than the other races. Orc Fighters are generally a very easy class to use as they are hard to kill and make most missions quite easy at the start. They can a variety of melee weapons from swords to combat gloves to axes.

The starting statistics of the Orc Fighter are 18 INT, 40 STR, 47 CON, 27 MEN, 26 DEX, 12 WIT.

Their class upgrade options at level 20 are either the Orc Marauder or the Paagrio Monk. At level 40 they can attain their final class of the Destroyer or Paagrio Crusader.


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