L2 Lineage 2 Rogue

A Rogue is a scoundrel and a thief, but may also be a valuable team member. A Rogue focuses more on agility than strength and defense making them quick attackers and good range fighters. They prefer light weaponry and armor so they can keep on the move at all times. It may be hard to play as a Rogue as first because of their low defense and requirement to keep evading to stay alive. It is best for a Rogue to be in a party and to use its skills to help the group advance. Learn more about the Rogue and its skills and tactics by reading through the Rogue guides at Skryer.

Rogues go on to become either a Mercenary or a Rogue Marksman. The Marksman is one many try to achieve because it is the ultimate long range fighter, downing its opponents before they get close. All Rogues must first train as Human Fighters in order to gain the skills necessary to become a Rogue.


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