L2 Lineage 2 Human Mystic

Human Mystics use their magic to attack from a far and to heal and support other players. They are not as strong as fighters and must avoid melee confrontations. Their magic can take down enemies or disable them. They can use white magic, black magic, elemental magic, auxillary magic and summon magic. They cannot though use Orc magic. Learn the steps from guides for levels 1-20 of the Mystic at Skryer.

The basic starting stats of a Human Mystic are 41 INT, 22 STR, 27 CON, 39 MEN, 21 DEX, 20 WIT.

A Human Mystic can initially transfer classes to either a Human Wizard, or a Cleric. As they advance more they can become a Sorcerer, Necromancer, Hexan, Priest, or a Human Crusader.


Human Mystic Male      Human Mystic Female

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