L2 Lineage 2 Hints & Tips

Here are some quick hints & tips which you can use to better your Lineage 2 gameplay:

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  • If your character appears to "fall through the world", this can be corrected by restarting to the character selection screen and logging back in.
  • Using ALT+TAB while in the game may cause problems, do not use it.

  • Always check the color of private store messages. Purple means 'Selling', yellow means 'Buying'.
  • Do not drop an item unless you are willing to risk losing it forever.

  • If you have three swords, one of which is enchanted, the blacksmith will randomly combine any two of them when making dual swords.
  • To retrieve your items from freight, visit the exact same Warehouse NPC with the character to whom you sent the freight.

  • Be careful not to hit "Dismiss" unless you want to get rid of your pet forever.
  • To feed your pet, drag the pet food into the pet's inventory and then double-click on it.

  • If you are killed by your opponent outside the PvP arena after fleeing from a duel, normal death rules will apply.
  • Many special attack skills do not work on clan members, party members or white players.

  • Players can have up to fifteen quests at once.
  • Most quests are repeatable though some are not.

  • Creatures you have summoned with crystals will disappear when you die or log out.
  • Although Fake Death can sometimes deter monsters, players can still hit you.

  • Clan members must wait five days before joining a new clan once they are evicted or withdraw from their previous clan.
  • Clan crests will not be displayed until your clan is level three.

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