L2 Lineage 2 Elven Mystic Guide

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Lineage 2 Elven Mystic - Elven Wizard Guide

(Covers levels 1-20)

Note: This guide was created for people without any experience with Lineage 2 at all, the first few chapters explain Lineage 2, so if you already know the game, I would recommend skipping to chapter 3.

Elven Mystic Guide

Chapter 1 (Making your character)

So, I suppose you are new to this game. Now, don't be overwhelmed by this game. There is much to learn, but it will be easy!

First of all lets start up your game (I expect you already went through registration.). Now, once it's loaded use your login information (Username, Password). It should come up with a server select screen. If you have friends playing, then select the server they play on because you can't change to another available server. Once you have selected an appropriate server for you, select it and double click. You should now be in a "character selection screen". Except, there is one major problem! You have no characters! Well, that's easy to fix. Just click create character at the bottom right of the screen. Now, the screen should change to the "human" race. We will change this by clicking the right arrow beside race. Click on it until it appears to say Elves (because this guide is for Elven Mystics). Now under class, select mystic, however I am not exactly sure it might say "mage". In Lineage 2, you get to select two classes at first, warrior or mage. Once you reach level 20, these character classes branch off into more classes, and then at 40, branch into even more classes. There are some cool classes to choose from at level 40. But, we have to grind our way up to that level! So, pick a name for your character yet? Good. Now, change his hair and facial features a little bit. Ready? Good. Time to play. Onto the next chapter! (Gee, this was a small chapter.)

Chapter 2 (The world, the controls, the first kill!)

Well, now that the character is in the world, its time to learn the game. It's good to always follow the tips that the game is giving you if you are new. I recommend that you do. But, in this guide I will be going into more detail about how exactly to do these things the guide is telling you to do. First of all, the first thing we want to learn is the menus which become vitally important that you know. As a mage, wearing robes make u cast twice as fast, this is why they are limited to wearing robes. Now, our character right now is naked. No weapon, no equipment whatsoever. However, we do have equipment in our inventory. Select at the bottom right of the screen, Inventory (HotKey alt+v or tab, I use tab to access my inventory.) Now, get familiar with this window as it is important that you do. Right click on the gear in the inventory, and it should be equipped. Equip everything you can. Now, we look slightly better, but still, not that cool.

Ok, whatever, time to kill something. Wait! Don't kill anything yet! I'm not finished. We now need to learn how we "bind" our magic to the f1-f10 slots. Sound complicated? Not at all, have you looked at the right of your screen yet at the box with numbers 1 to 10 on it? Well, that's were our magic will be going. Open up your status menu (Button at bottom left of the screen just before inventory.). The first menu that appears is your status obviously, your skill points, level, damage, defense, etc is all displayed here. You will be checking your skill points often to see how many you have. Now, at the top of the menu you should have "tabs" to select. Select the actions tab first. We will be equipping simple actions that every race, character gets. In this menu there should be a lot of little squares, each time you click on one of these it does the appropriate action. We only want two for now in this menu. Hold down on the pickup action, and try dragging it until it reaches the black slot on the right that says "1" on it. There, now whenever we press f1, our character will try and pickup anything nearby. Now, drag sit/stand to the f10 key. Well, my young padawan, I believe it is time to teach you how to put magic on the f1-10 keys. At the top of the status window, there should be a third one that says magic. There should be all your available magic in there, at the moment it is only 2 skills we can use. Don't worry, mages get an incredibly strong skill for their level at first. The magic skills we have are called self heal and wind strike. Drag self heal to the slot numbered 5 so that whenever we want to heal we can press f5. Drag the wind strike button over to "2" slot so that f2 makes us fire a bolt of wind at the enemy. If at any time you feel confused by these steps, you can always check back and read this again.

Now, we are familiar with the menus, time to run around, I suppose you needn't worry in a place like this, but always keep your watchful eye on other players, because the player killing system is rather loose and you can die almost anywhere, remember, people who kill you without you fighting back go red and have a much higher chance of loosing their gear. Some people feel that pking is all the fun in the game; others just want to kill monsters. It's your choice, but of course, you need to kill monsters to level up :P.

I suppose while you were walking around you noticed that the tip thing displayed a message telling you to see a guard of Nerupa or something like that. Well, its time to do that. Walk out from wherever you are towards the bridge that goes into town, but before you go up the bridge go towards the giant tree, and then you should see a weird looking figure named Nerupa, well, don't visit it, speak with one of it's guards. The guard will tell you to kill a certain amount of wolves in the area and collect fangs, this quest will give you a map which is very important. The species of wolves you must kill to collect these fangs should appear in yellow on the radar at the top right of the screen. Now, go east towards the trees instead of heading to town, and there should be some wolves to kill, get ready! It's your first kill! Press f2 like we said when you have targeted the monster, and you should see your character start casting a ball of wind at your opponent. The blue bar represents the length of time the skill is taking. You should kill your target in one hit, however you may not. If it has a very low amount of hp left, don't bother trying to cast your wind strike again, instead just click on it again to attack it with your weapon, and it should die fairly easy. This saves you that precious mp it costs to cast wind strike. Now, keep killing these guys until you collect 4 fangs, whenever you collect a fang a bell should ring telling you that you have collected another fang (It will make a different sound when you have collected 4 fangs). Note that the wolves in this area are known as keltir, they differentiate in the villages for each race. Now, by now you should have killed enough keltir to hear the special bell sound which indicates you have all 4 fangs. To double check, click on inventory again, and click "quest" tab and click on the fang. A number in brackets tells you how many you have collected. If it says 4, return to the guard that you started this quest from. Once you reach this guard, he will tell you to give a certain item to Nerupa (I can't remember the item exactly). This is easy since Nerupa is right there, and you can see it as a yellow dot on radar. When you give it the item, it will give you a world map which displays your location on the world.

Chapter 3 (The world map, chat, and getting to level 5.)

You know have your world map, this item can be very useful when you get lost, because it makes it so easy to navigate back home. In chronicle 1 (The first patch) They changed the map so that it now has your position on it. Pretty handy when you die and want to be resurrected from death by someone, it will be much easier for them to find you. Now, we are on the region of Aden, another region exists called Elmore, Elmore is the home of the Dwarves and Orcs. The only way you can visit this other region is to teleport there (Explained later). The elves and the dark elves have a conflict, however most people in the game don't care to much for this conflict, and wont kill each other, it just affects the game in small ways (like if u die near the dark elf lands, you get teleported to elf land if your elf, and vice versa for dark elves.).

Now, its time to learn how to use the chat menu. You may have already noticed it at the bottom right of the screen. Well, this is how you communicate to other players in the game. There are tabs for available channels. For instance, party chat, trade, all, alliance, clan. The only one we need to know at the moment is the all one, people from close by and far away use this one for general chat. The orange text are shouts, and the white is close by. Time for your first shout, type in !Hello Lineage 2. Remember that the exclamation mark is important because it is what makes you shout it. You may have already noticed that your characters name, and your shout appear in the window. Congratulations on your first few words! Most people shout trades instead of using the trade window itself. If you see anyone shouting WTB, or WTS, This means they are willing to sell, willing to buy the item. But remember, your too low of a level to begin trading yet.

You may have noticed already that Nerupa told you to visit a advisor in town and he appears as a yellow dot on radar. Don't do that yet, instead keep killing the wolves near Nerupa until you reach level 5. This might take awhile, but it shouldn't take more than an hour. If you die, you will get teleported to town, and try and find your way back, just go down the gate towards the north. It shouldn't be too difficult. If you ever need to heal your mp you can just sit down. And remember about the self heal magic you have whenever u have low hp.

Now that you have reached level 5, time to do a few starter quests to get you some money. Remember that yellow dot on the screen? You can visit him now if you wish, he can give you some useful information about the game, your character, and whatnot. Once you are finished talking to him, it's time to get our first few quests so that we have enough money to upgrade our weapon to the next wand. The first quest you should do is called "What women want." Here are the steps you must undertake.

  1. Talk to Arujien, he will be standing on the wesetern side of the village.

  2. Take to the gatekeeper on the southeast edge of town.

  3. Talk to Trader Herbtien, he should be in the magic shop near the west of town near the gate.

  4. Talk to Arujien. If you tell him to forget about her, he will give you 450 adena and the quest ends. If you explain to him greenis may like him, he gives you a poetry book. Finish the quest now by telling him to forget about her, because the next few steps are not worthwhile.
There, your first quest done. You now have 450 adena more in your wallet. We need about 900 to pay for our next wand. Time for the next available quest, this one is titled. "Fruit of the mothertree." This quest is good because it gets you familiarized with the area.

  1. Talk to Andellria, southeast of the tree in the Elven village, she will give you a letter to take to Thayla.

  2. Take the letter to Thalya. Find her by exiting the gate southeast, Following the path, passing two bridges, then the ruins, and then around the lakeshore to the observatory. She will take the letter and give you The Mothertree's Fruit.

  3. Return to the village and give the fruit to Andellria.
You get 500 adena and 1000 exp for this one. Return back to town, you should now head to the weapons shop. A great way to find it is to go to the gate southwest, then go along the top part of the village, pass the magic shop, then pass 1 more building, and there should be a building with a shield sign. This is the weapons shop. Talk to trader Unoren and select "mage equipment" and buy the Apprentice's Rod. You now have a new weapon that should make a little bit of a difference in damage, now if you have enough money left over for a shield, buy one, otherwise it doesn't matter.

Now the last quest you should do, cross your fingers and hope that you get an emerald from this. The steps....

  1. Talk to Pixy Murika.

  2. Hunt The gray wolves and red keltirs nearby until you get 100 Preditor's Fangs.

  3. Give the fangs to Pixy Murika and she will reward you with a Shard Of Glass (100a), Onyx (300a), or an Emerald (5000a).
Well, either way you got something. Sell it to the magic shop in town to get a little bit of extra cash. By this time you should be about level 7 or almost level 7. In the next chapter we will be covering how to reach level 8. And at level 8 we will be killing new things, as well as some new skills!

Chapter 4 (New skills! New monster! New gear!)

By now you should be close to level 7, or level 7. The next little brief part is for people still under level 7.

Well, you still haven't gotten level 7, level 7 is important to mages because they get to use their skill points to get new magic at level 7. Anyways, lets get level 7. Fight kaboo orcs that are west of town. They should drop decent adena, and level you to 7. Once you reach level 7, Rejoice! Time to choose some skills! Depending on how many skillpoints you have, you will be able to choose skills. For now I recommend leveling wind strike to level 3, or as high as you can get it. Still got skillpoints left over? Then go to the magic shop and buy a ice bolt spellbook from the trader on the right I believe. Ice bolt isn't as strong as wind strike, but slows the enemies movement down slightly so that you can kite them (Run away, shoot wind strike again before they hit you, again and again).

Now that that's done, it should be much easier to kill monsters :P! Well, if your like me, you're probably sick and tired of killing these puny little wolves. It's time for a real fight (Not really, I'm just trying to rattle you up). Get ready were going to fight these little green things called green dryads! They make annoying noises and are fun to kill, kite these (Wind strike, run, Wind strike, run, etc etc so that you don't get hit.). Try and kill about 100 of them, there is a 1% chance you will get feriotic stockings. Which means a lot less money to spend on stockings, because these are worth about 1700 adena.

You might be level 8 by now, im not sure. But continue killing these guys until you reach level 8, because there is a quest at level 8, which makes you very ritch, very fast (Not really, but for a beginner it seems fast.) Once you reach level 8, return to town. If you have enough money to buy yourself a new tunic, do so. Buy a feriotic tunic, these are priced at 3k or so. Remember you should of gotten a stocking drop from those dryads, if you did not, continue killing them until you do. Because like I said, this saves you some money. If you have some skill points you think that you could spend on ice bolt, do it now because it will make the next quest much easier.

The next quest you will be doing is repeatable, and very useful for Elves. This one quest makes elves the fastest money making class at level 8.

  1. Talk to the Trader Herbtien in the Elven Village, he will be in the elven magic shop.

  2. Hunt Spore Fungus (lvl 9 passive) until you collect the 10 fungus sacs needed to complete this quest, to find them exit the village towards the southwest, follow the path, then head south from the crossroad, and you will see them.

  3. Give the 10 sacs to Trader Herbtien.

  4. Repeat.
Continue doing this quest for a long time. Do this quest until you reach level 10, you have the option of packing a scroll of escape to make the quest easier. However, since they are so close to town this is not needed. Once you reach level 9 from these monsters, you should have enough money to buy yourself the next staff, the willow staff. Buy it because it will make the next quest easy. Yes, we have another quest to do. And this one is pretty hard, so be prepared to die. But this quest gives you a very valuable staff.

  1. Sentinel Kendel at the southeastern Exit tells you to hunt special orcs for this quest, open up your quest inventory, the item should tell you which orc to kill.

  2. Kill the Correct chief to gain the Orc Torc 1. Here is a list of all the orcs and their locations. Do a /loc to check your coordinates.

    1. Kaboo Chief Uoph. Near /loc 21000,41000. Southwest exit to crossing, then north and east.

    2. Kaboo Chief Kracha. Near /loc 34000,62000. Southwest exit and head south.

    3. Kaboo Chief Batoh. Near /loc 29000,79000. Near the Elf dungeon.

    4. Kaboo Chief Tanukia. Near /loc 21000,57000. Soutwest exit to crossroads, look southwest.

  3. Give the Torc 1 to sentinel Kendell, he will assign you to a new orc to kill.

  4. Hunt the appropriate orc for the Torc 2. Here is a list:

    1. Kaboo Chief Turel. Near /loc 40000,69000. Southwest exit, head due south and cross the river.

    2. Kaboo Chief Roko. Near /loc 33000,79000. West of the lake, east of Elven Dungeon.

    3. Kaboo Chief Kamut. Near /loc 46000,89000. Southeast exit, all the way around the lake to south side.

    4. Kaboo Chief Murika. Near /loc 57000,77000. Southeast exit, cross 2 bridges, 2nd ruins on left.

  5. Return to Sentinel Kendell with the Torc 2.
The /loc command is useful for this one, because it makes it easier to find the monsters you have to kill. Usually, these kaboo orc chiefs have pets that attack for them. Kill the pets first because they do almost as much damage as the chief himself. If the chief is an archer be very careful, mages die very easily to archers. In such a case you might want to get healing potions, however I doubt you would need them. Now, your red sunset staff will not make a large difference in damage but you will have some side money now because you can sell that old willow staff. Shout WTS willow staff, if after 30 minutes no one responds you can just sell it. However, if you have the time to set up a private store, I recommend doing that. This is a great option if you can leave your computer on after night. Sell the willow staff for 9500a.

Now that that is done, it is time to get you new robes. Go back and do the spore quest about 10 times, I know this sounds rather tedious, but you will get enough money to upgrade to the devotion set, a great set by the way because it gives you 15% casting speed more. The devotion set will be rather pricey, save up enough to buy the tunic, and then buy the stockings afterwards, to complete the set you will need to buy the leather gloves. You can try and find a seller of these item by shouting WTB devotion or looking at the private stores in town, but usually you wont find people. Meanwhile level up your magic as much as possible. The next skill after ice bolt should be heal.

Chapter 5 (A path to much more fun!)

Now I am not sure what level you are, but if your around level 11 or so, I recommend continuing west of town until you find some orcs (Should be white). And kill these until you reach level 12. Because at level 12 we can get a new staff from a quest. By this time the old spore quest wont seem as worthwhile as it used to be, so don't worry about doing it anymore, you wont need to soon.

The next quest you have to do is to cure all the sentinels of their illnesses by collect dryad tears.

  1. Sentinel Knight Alberryus wants you to help with the Sentinel's illness., he is in front of the building with the trainers in the Elven Village.. He will give you Alberryus's Letter.

  2. Go to Master Cobendell and give him the letter, he is in the main building beside the trainers. He will give you the Evergreen Amulet.

  3. Hunt both dryad's until you collect 10 Dryad's Tears.They are located at the southwest village exit just past the crossroads on the left and out the southeast exit and past a few bridges.

  4. Return to Master Cobendell. He will give you 5 Cobendell's Medicines, these medicines are for the Sentinels.

  5. Talk to Alberryus again. He will grab one of the 5 medicines, and ask you to deliver the other 4 to other sentinels.

  6. One to Sentinel Gartrandell, on the same platform as Alberryus.

  7. One to Sentinel Veltress at the southeastern village exit.

  8. One to Sentinel Berryos at the north village exit.

  9. One to Sentinel Rayjien at the southwest village exit.

  10. Go back to sentinel Knight Alberryus to receive your staff.
The quest will sound long and tedious, and it is, but in the end you make 20k and that makes it worthwhile. Its good to pack scroll of escapes for this quest. And in fact, by now you should start using them. Now that you have done this quest, time to just work on leveling. There is a quest you could do now however, that gets you a bone shield, but it involves making a party. And quests aren't really worthwhile in parties, your best bet is to leave the quest along until level 15. Remember now too to upgrade your skills again, you should be very close to having all your skills maxed out. Soon, level 14 will come, and you will need to use more skillpoints. Fight the orcs and dryads to the west of town past the crossroad now, until you reach level 14. This may take awhile, once you hit 14, Scroll of escape back to town, and learn your new skills. You get some cool new skills, get everything excluding wind shackle, but get battle heal up 1 level first, then try and max out wind strike you may notice that it costs a lot more mp, but you will get used to it. Battle heal is very useful. Now, about that party for the bone shield, leveling to 14 made forming the party much easier. While in town shout Looking for level 12+ people to do the bone shield quest with. Depending on the time of day, this might be easy, hard, difficult. Here is what you have to do.

  1. First, talk to trader Unoren in the Elven Village magic shop.

  2. Go into the elven fortress. Bring 2-3 friends if you are doing this quest at level 12, as all monsters attack you in groups.

  3. Hunt Skeletons (any type) and eventually get 10 bone fragments.

  4. Hunt Mist Terrors, watch out these guys are aggresive, and collect 3 elf skulls. To find them go farther into the dungeon.

  5. Return to trader Unoren to collect your prize.
Sounds easy, but just wait until you have to do it, you'll definitely be changing your mind in just a few minutes. The Elven fortress is a very tricky place, almost all the mobs are aggressive (attack you when they see you). Fight in groups, and are quite strong. Hopefully, in your party formation you got a nice tank, double check that everyone has a resurrection scroll, they come in handy. Take your time with this quest, make a few friends, and make sure that everyone gets the items they need. This is proper etiquette in Lineage 2. You may find this quest to take a long time, and if someone has all their items, make sure that they don't get the final kills anymore, the deciding factor in who gets the quest item is whoever kills off the monster. So, you have to always keep that in mind. Remember to continue healing your tank, unless you have another mage in your party, in this case you have to decide who heals, who uses offensive magic. But remember, if you see your party members hp go down to a dangerous level, help heal him/her.

When you finish this quest, you may not know what to do with the bone shield considering that you have a staff, store it in your warehouse in town, (See picture). Simply deposit in private warehouse. Because when the time comes for you to afford your 90k Tears of Eva weapon, you will need a bone shield to go with it (It's a book 1 handed.).

Now chances are your still level 14, not a problem, but by now you should really concentrate on getting more money, sell your staff to the shop if u have 25000-3000 adena handy. Then look for a cedar staff. Its good to check that you will have enough money for the next weapon. If you don't a good place to head to now is Gludio, its south of the map, travel there and remember to bring a scroll of escape. When you past the water and get towards Cruma tower, then scroll of escape and you should end up in Gludio. Exit the west entrance and continue down the path, then turn left as soon as possible. You should see zombies on the hill, kill all the zombies around there, they are nice targets for mages. Once you get enough money for a cedar staff (40k (Remember to check how much your staff is worth the store then sell it and make sure you have enough money in hand)) Start shouting WTB cedar staff, it might take a long time to secure one, but it will make a little bit of a difference in your damage. Continue killing Zombies until you reach level 17. This might take a long time, but is worthwhile. If you ever get enough sp for another skill, head to the church in the north of Gludio , there are elven trainers inside that will teach you skills.

Chapter 6 (The final chapter before changing to a wizard.)

Chances are by level 17 you can afford a 100k weapon, lets needn't worry about your armor until you reach level 20, as long as your careful, it shouldn't really matter. The next weapon you need to get is a Tears of Eva. Remember that bone shield? Now is the time to equip it. Secure a buyer of your cedar staff, sell it to them, then look for a tears of eva with your shout WTB tears of eva. Usually they aren't hard to find. And I have seem them for 80k, however 85k is the normal. Now, you will definitely notice an improvement in damage. And I expect that these zombies you've been killing will be a tad bit to easy. You have two options, stay and kill these zombies, or go to the ruins of despair. I recommend you do both, stay at killing the zombies until you reach level 18, then proceed to the ruins of despair.

To get to the ruins of despair, go through the southern exit of Gludio, then make sure you have your map open, align yourself with the entrance to Ruins of Despair, then go west until you find its entrance. Instead of going into the entrance, go north and follow the wall, you should find a grouping of scavenger bats, ruin imps, etc. Kill the ruin imps and bats and nothing more, they give the best exp out of all the monsters. Continue killing these guys until you reach level 19. You will find these guys a little to easy for you when you reach level 19, and your skills will be maxed out. Too bad, you're at the worst level of them all, stuck in between. Continue killing them until your about 30% into your level. Now, it is time for that Elven wizard quest! You can take your quests at level 19, but you will not become a wizard until you reach level 20.

Chapter 7 (The Wizard Quest, and making a small amount of side cash)

Here it is, the quest you have been waiting for, time to be a wizard.
Remember, this quest is quite time consuming, pack 3 scrolls of escape and a haste potion.

  1. Elven Wizard Class change, Talk to Rosella in the Elven Village, she explains that you must grab 4 different coloured jewels which represent the elements.

  2. Talk to Rosella and receive a letter and Peridot, this is the first element.

  3. Talk to a magic trainer in the village, he will tell you to kill pincer spiders.

  4. Kill pincer spiders until you collect 5 Red down.

  5. Talk to Rosella, she will give you an appetizing apple.

  6. Speak to Thalia, she can be found by going through the southeastern gate, and following the trail, until your on the east side of the lake, look in the west direction while you walk south, until you see a small little structure, she will be inside.

  7. Kill dryads and get 5 golden leaf.

  8. Return to Thalia and recieve the pure aquamarine.

  9. Speak to Rosella at the Elf city.

  10. Speak with Norwind, he should be near the elven fortress entrance.

  11. Hunt the sukar wererats, and Sukar wererat leaders inside the dungeon, they are deep in so be careful. You will need two amethyst from them.

  12. Speak to Norwind to get another jewel.

  13. Finally, speak with Rosella, gems will dissapear and you will get an eternity diamond.
The last step is to travel to the High Priest in the Gludio church, and change occupations, but you cannot fulfill this part until you reach level 20. At the moment you probably feel quite broke, because at this time you should come close to getting your 230k weapon. Don't worry about it, its fine, you will get the money soon. Head back to the ruins of despair and continue killing the monsters there, this may be quite a tedious procedure but you will thank yourself in the end, you'll rake in more money this way. Once you hit 20, Proceed to the church and change occupations.

Chapter 8 (Elven wizard!)

Well, pat yourself on the back! You did it! You're a wizard! Congratulations. It's time to have some fun. By now if you can get a mage staff or a voodoo doll. If you still don't have enough money, continue killing those scavenger bats and ruin imps in the ruins of despair. Otherwise, go back to the elven lands and hunt lireins. If you find that the lireins are too crowded, you can always hunt stuff in the swamps of the dark elf lands. And remember, you have that new skill Flame strike, it makes it all the more easier to kill these guys in one big boom! It's so fun! Try it! Now, this guide only covers level 20, your on your own from now in! Good luck, have a great adventure! PS: Focus on getting a 700,000 adena mage weapon, like a sword of occult for example. Don't worry about your equipment, but when have done this, get the magic gear, then the knowledge set, then the mithril mage. Make sure you farm like hell; because that's a lot of money you got to save up. Once again, Good luck on your many adventures and remember to have fun!

By Hyper_Monkey20
Characters on the Sieghardth server if you need to ask questions:
Email: Hyper_Monkey20@hotmail.com, if you have any questions, comments, or found a spelling error or mistake I did not see.
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